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    Thank you for visiting Vegas Swingers Club, Las Vegas' premier off-premise Swingers Lifestyle Social Club. If you are looking for sexy, outgoing, fun-loving  people, you've come to the right place. Las Vegas is full of Sexy Swingers. Vegas Swingers Club has invited each and every one of them, including you, to  Party and Play, with all of us! FWBs (Friends with Benefits) is an acronym and expression that we here at Vegas Swingers Club use frequently and is really what we're all about. That is why you can find us on the Internet by also visiting Vegas FWB ( and Las Vegas FWB ( We call our Swingers Parties FWB Parties. ( -
   Swingers get Naughty in Las Vegas and find out what the "REAL SIN CITY" is all about! Las Vegas Swingers want to Party with You! Check the Las Vegas Swingers Club Menu Below for a Las Vegas Swingers Party that fits your Sexual appetite. Join us for a Las Vegas Orgy and an Experience of a Lifetime!

Friday & Saturday Nights
Swingers Mansion Party
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date: Every Weekend
Time: 9:00 PM to 3:30 AM

Las Vegas Swingers Party

    Respect plays a huge part in why our Swingers Club is successful! Individuals and couples that we market to are only those who will respect, honor and enjoy time with each other. Drinking is generally allowed but this is not a place for power drinkers or those with the idea that they can take drugs. (Drugs are not allowed) Adults that attend Vegas Swingers Club's Swingers Parties come to experience the joy of spending quality

fantasy filled time with others that are either veterans of the Lifestyle or are new and wish to learn more about it.

    Vegas Swingers Club will never pressure you to do anything and we will never require mandatory participation of any kind. There are some off-premise Swingers Clubs that force you to play games or to participate in things that you may not be interested in doing. Let's face it we're all adults and we can make our own decisions. We may encourage games or contests that are ice breakers or fun speed dating ideas but we will never make you feel as though you would have to participate. You may just enjoy the idea of watching and/or being watched or just learning more about Swinging. We support the idea that you should always go at your own comfortable pace.

    You will never become bored with the "Same Old Location". Our Swingers Lifestyle Couples and Individuals take great pleasure in the ubiquitous nature of our Swingers Club. Every visit is different and comes with intrigue and surprise. The lavish locations, the proximity to everything that is Las Vegas, and the fantasy that surrounds each visit will always be unique just like the new friends that you will meet. Vegas Swingers Club parties are always on or in a very close proximity, literally walking distance, to the World Famous Las Vegas Strip. The only time that a Vegas Swingers Club Party is held off the Vegas Strip is when we are engaged to market Mansion Swingers Parties or Specialty Locations for Swingers Parties.

    Vegas Swingers Club is the "ONLY" Swingers Club to offer Swingers Parties to everyone regardless of their sexual orientation. The lifestyle does not always fall within the scope suggested or demanded by other swingers clubs. Vegas Swingers rejoice in their ability to enjoy the freedom to explore the following types of Swingers Parties:

Traditional Swingers Party - Male / Female Couples and Single Females {*Straight Men Only}
Open Swingers Party - Male / Female Couples, Single Women and Single Men  {*Straight Men Only}
Bi Swingers Party - Bisexual Couples or Individuals
Lesbian Swingers Party - Women Only
Gay Male Swingers Party - Gay Men, Bisexual Men or Shemales Only
Shemales Swingers Party - Gay / Bi Men or Women, Transgender / Transvestites (Shemales) & Couples

     We pride ourselves in offering an adult environment that we feel far surpasses what traditional Swingers Clubs have to offer. We wish to provide an atmosphere and the accoutrements that so many couples and especially single woman have prioritized in our Swingers Lifestyle Surveys. Here are some of the important Lifestyle Problem Issues we place great emphasis on:

    *Problems: Cleanliness, Health and Safety - All too many times people that visit Swingers Clubs explain their literal fear of communicable diseases, bugs (lice), other health issues and their utter disgust with the complete lack of sanitary conditions. Some have even said that roadside gas station restrooms are far superior. The low cost of entrance fees in some of these establishments, combined with locations directly in the heart of the heaviest crime areas, have brought not only a serious safety hazard to one's visit but also less desirable patrons. Our surveys indicate a solid consensus that these lower end clubs are allowing indigents to utilize these locations as "Flop Houses" and allow them to enter the facilities at significantly discounted rates because they are local and their patronage is fairly regular. This is a sad situation for the homeless community and The Lifestyle Community as well.

    *Our Answers to the Problems: The answers were actually provided by those who completed our surveys. Those in the Lifestyle uniformly agree that there should be a focus on a classy and upscale environment. This environment would allow people in the Tourism and Hospitality industry to manage the cleanliness and sanitization of the facilities. In other words, the Swingers should be meeting at Hotels, Resorts or Mansions. Vegas Swingers Club agrees and we will only support the use of top rated Resorts, Hotels, Mansions, Reception Halls and Ballroom sites. These locations must adhere to very strict health and lodging requirements as well as rigid licensing guidelines. Furthermore, with over 3 million visitors passing through Las Vegas in any given month, they've become very proficient at maintaining the highest of standards. The locations that our Swingers have requested are smack dab in the heart of trillions of dollars of Real Estate and chattel, right on or within walking distance to the World Famous Las Vegas Strip . Now there is NO need to worry about getting mugged, raped, stabbed or shot. You can rest assured that your party location will be a clean healthy environment and "Only Those That Should Be There, Will Be There". Now that you are "Worry Free" you can concentrate on having one of the most memorable fantasy and fun-filled experiences of your life.

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